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The livestream has ended, but do check out our Satellite Events.

Immerse yourself In History + Help Ukrainians

History For Ukraine is like Live Aid for history lovers. We’ve curated a stellar line-up of leading historians and genealogists from all over the world, and over 24 hours, they’ll be live-streaming their talks for your entertainment.

There’s no charge to watch, and throughout the live stream, we’ll be inviting you to donate to our JustGiving page, with all funds being passed to the British Red Cross Society’s DEC Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal.

You get a history fix, AND the opportunity to do something positive for the people of Ukraine.

The  24-hour history marathon delivered by some of the world’s biggest names in history and genealogy includes:

  • Earl Charles Spencer
  • Professor Kate Williams
  • Dr Janina Ramirez

Show your appreciation of the speakers by donating what you can

100% of donations go instantly to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

How it works

History For Ukraine is live streamed through YouTube.

Step 1: Go to the History for Ukraine YouTube channel

Step 2: Hit ‘subscribe’ button

Step 3: Click on the bell and select ‘all’ to receive all notifications from the channelScreenshot subscribe to Historyfor

During and after the livestream,  use our JustGiving page to give to the DEC Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal.

The Live Event is over, but tune into our YouTube Channel for videos.








History for Ukraine Features Amazing Speakers

Earl Charles Spencer – Journalist, broadcaster, founder of the Althorp Literary Festival, and bestselling author

Professor Kate Williams  –  Lecturer, CNN’s royal historian, regularly appears on both American and British networks and the New York Times bestselling author of three biographies and one novel.

Dr Janina Ramirez – Oxford Academic HMC, BBC documentary maker (arts & History), writer (kids & factual); President Gloucester History Festival

Professor Suzannah Lipscomb –  Professor Emerita. Broadcaster. Author of The Voices of Nîmes and The King is Dead. Co-editor of What is History, Now? Host of Not Just the Tudors.

Suzie Lennox – Explorer of Macabre Britain and author of Britain’s Forgotten Body Snatchers

Saul David – Leading military historian, broadcaster, author of fiction and non-fiction books and founder of the Military History Club.

D. Joshua Taylor – Genealogist, President of the New York Genealogy and Biography Society, Host of The Genealogy Road Show (PBS)

Judy G. Russell – aka The Legal Genealogist, international speaker

Amy Johnson Crow – Host of Generations Cafe podcast & #52ancestors challenge 

Dr Jayne Persian – Co-founder of Australian Migration History Network, and author of Beautiful Balts: From Displaced Persons to New Australians

Fiona Brooker  – Chief Memory Officer and Genealogist at Memories in Time, Co-host of Talking Family History, Past President of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists

Michelle Patient – Australian genealogist and DNA specialist, co-host of Talking Family History, Past President of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists, and DNA consultant for the Australian SBS TV series “Every Family Has A Secret”.

But wait, there’s more….

Satellite Events

We had so many applications to speak, we couldn’t fit them all into 24 hours, so we’re organising some post-event shows to run in the days and hours after we kick-off the 24-hour history marathon.

The first up of these events is Railway History for Ukraine which will take place on Wednesday 30 March, from 4-10 pm BST. You can see the full schedule here,

Stay tuned to our Satellite Events page for more information about how to catch all future #historyforukraine presentations.

Also, as always, follow us on Twitter for updates.

£50 could provide emergency food for one family for one month

There is no charge for unlimited access to this live stream of professional historians – but we do ask you to consider donating what you can.

More than 2 million people have already fled Ukraine, arriving at borders with only what they can carry, while experiencing freezing overnight temperatures. They’re cold, they’re hungry and they’re a long way from home.

  • £30 (US$ 39)could provide essential hygiene supplies for three people for one month
  • £50 (US$ 65) could provide blankets for four families
  • £100 ($130) could provide emergency food for two families for one month

How much would you spend on a day or evening out? £30? £50? £100?

All donations immediately go to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, which is run by the British Red Cross Society.

All speakers, organisers, and everyone associated with History of Ukraine have given their time and expertise for free.

Help us Spread the Word

Want to do more?  We’d love your help.

We would love to build on our team of History For Ukraine promoters. You can help more history fans find out about the event by going to our Facebook page, or Twitter account and sharing any of our promotional posts.

All other offers of help are very welcome at historyforukraine@gmail.com.


Can I make a donation now?

Yes, please. Head on over to our JustGiving page

Will we be able to access recordings after the event?

It is definitely best to watch the event live as much as possible. For a short while (up to 48 hours maximum) replays will be available, but these will be deleted to protect the Intellectual Property of the speakers.

Where is the money going?

The money donated to our JustGiving page will be paid into the DEC Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal which is administered by the British Red Cross.

Is there another way I can watch?

You can keep up with the latest news, speaker schedule and event updates, plus watch the live stream on the day via our Twitter account : @history4ukraine

For the best viewing experience, we recommend watching via the History for Ukraine YouTube channel.

Mission Statement

History for Ukraine stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine against Putin’s invasion of their country.

The mindless destruction of lives, homes, freedoms, and the cultural vandalism undertaken in this unprovoked act of aggression being carried out by the Russian government and army is unforgivable.

The misuse and distortion of history by Russian propaganda is a gross injustice to the unique history of Ukraine. Similarly, the closure of free press and speech by the Russian government is an assault on its own people. Both the erasure of Ukrainian heritage and the censorship of those that object to it, is an affront to all that we as historians stand for.

This event allows us to share our expertise on a range of historical subject matter. We do so in support of Ukrainian history and all those who work toward the better understanding of Ukraine’s past, present, and future.

Through historical study, analysis and distribution, thoughtful inclusivity and integrity can be amplified in a complex world. Working together and mobilising our intellectual and professional networks for this event will foster discussion and show the best of our global discipline in all its forms. We call on everyone to join us in enjoying the history we are providing, and to give generously for the Ukrainian people devastated by this senseless war.


Meet the individuals that made #HistoryForUkraine possible.

Natalie Pithers

Project Manager, "the one with the idea"

Website: Genealogy Stories

Gudrun Lauret

Gudrun Lauret

Project Coordinator, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media, Action Slayer

Website: GudrunLauret.com

John Boeren

John Boeren

Lead non-UK workstream Coordinator, Europe and beyond advisor, timezone master

Website: antecedentia

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders

Lead Press Workstream Coordinator, Voice of Reason

Website: josephsaundershistory.co.uk

Joe Saunders

Anna Cusack

Lead Multimedia Workstream Coordinator, Action Slayer

Mike Esbester

Mike Esbester

Lead Multimedia Workstream Coordinator, Action Slayer

Mike also leads the organisation of the satellite 'Railway History for Ukraine' event, scheduled for Wed., 30 March. to raise more money and allow more speakers to contribute.

By day, Mike Esbester is an academic historian at the University of Portsmouth, and co-leader of the 'Railway Work, Life & Death' project making information about accidents to British and Irish railway workers before 1939 more easily available.

Mike Esbester

NIck Barratt

Advisor, Network Guru

Website: NickBarratt.co.uk

Mike Esbester

Sarah Leggett

Advisor, Press Release Wordsmith

Mike Esbester

Else Churchill

Advisor, Voice of Reason

Laura Hedgecock

Laura Hedgecock

Webdesign, Webmaster 

Website: TreasureChestofMemories.com

Laura Robinson

Website Copy

Tina Konstant

Tina Konstant

Coordinating Video Team, Press and Promotion

Website: TinaKonstant.com 

Ilka Boogaard

Ilka Boogaard

Social Media, Graphics

Website: artsparkwebdesign.com

Natasha Billson & Oleksandr Dmytriev

Video Content Creators

Our amazing video creators are from Heritage Media Group (heritagemedia.uk)

Paul Bradshaw

Paul Bradshaw

Opening and Closing Videos

Website: bradshawmedia.co.uk

Nigel J. Hetherington

Used his networks and Past Preservers to find video content creators

Website: PastPreservers.com

Susan Rasmussen

Canva Graphic Creation

Thank you

A special thanks to all those that have helped to spread the word, especially The National Archives, Royal Historical Society, and Society of Genealogists.