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Historians for Ukraine come together 26-27 March 2022

Meet the Live Speakers

These awesome speakers are leading historians and genealogists donating their time and expertise to raise funds for Ukrainian humanitarian relief.  Donate to our JustGiving page, with all funds being passed to the  the British Red Cross Society’s DEC Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal.

The livestream has ended. To protect the intellectual property of the generous speakers who donated their talks, the videos were only available for 48 hours after the end of the livestream. 

Saturday, 26 March: 12 pm – 8 pm, GMT


Earl Charles Spencer  (12:00 pm GMT)
Earl Charles Spencer (12:00 pm GMT)

The White Ship

‘The White Ship’ was the ‘Titanic’ of its day – carrying the only legitimate heir to the throne of England and the Duchy of Normandy, and the flower of the Anglo-Norman aristocracy. The disaster destroyed the dynastic dreams of King Henry I – the youngest son of William the Conqueror.

Bio: Earl Charles Spencer is a  Journalist, broadcaster, founder of the Althorp Literary Festival, and bestselling author. 

Dr. Phillipa Gregory  (12:30 pm GMT)
Dr. Phillipa Gregory (12:30 pm GMT)

The Quiet 600 Years

Women’s absence from history 1066-1660

Bio: Dr Philippa Gregory is the author of many bestselling novels and is a recognised authority on women’s history. A regent of the University of Edinburgh and fellow of the Universities of Sussex and Cardiff, Philippa is a member of the Society of Authors and in 2016, was presented with the Outstanding Contribution to Historical Fiction Award by the Historical Writers’ Association. She was also awarded an Honorary Platinum Award by Neilsen and a CBE for services to literature and charity, and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in recognition of her contribution to historical scholarship.

Charlotte Gauthier (1:00 pm GMT)
Charlotte Gauthier (1:00 pm GMT)

Resistence to Ottoman Expansion in the 15th Century Balkans and Central Europe

Resistance to the Ottoman invasions of the Balkans, Central Europe, and Ukraine in the 15th century was an international effort. This talk chronicles the efforts – some successful, some much less so – to resist the Ottoman Imperial juggernaut as it tried to assert control over its neighbours during the 15th century.

Bio: Charlotte Gauthier is a doctoral researcher at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her thesis, ‘Crusading on the Eve of the Reformation: The Making of Church, State, and Society in Late-Medieval England’ explores the political, diplomatic, ecclesiastical history of English involvement in crusading in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Suzie Lennox (1:30 pm GMT)
Suzie Lennox (1:30 pm GMT)

Body Snatching

Body Snatching prevention in Scotland and where to see the best bits!

Bio: Suzie Lennox is a researcher and author looking at the darker side to graveyards, researching the macabre world of body snatching.

Dr Cat Jarman  (1:45 pm  GMT)
Dr Cat Jarman (1:45 pm GMT)

The Rus first appear in written sources in the 9th century. Within a few centuries, cities and states have formed in what later becomes Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Yet the origins of the Rus and in particular, their links to Scandinavia and the Vikings have been topics of contention in recent history. This short talk will discuss how the earliest Rus and Kyiv were deeply embedded within the Viking worlds and had extensive networks connecting these territories to northwestern Europe. 

Bio: Dr Cat Jarman is an archaeologist, author, and broadcaster specialising in the Viking Age, bioarchaeology, and Rapa Nui. Her Sunday Times’ bestselling book ‘River Kings – a New History of the Vikings from Scandinavia to the Silk Roads‘ presents a new perspective on the Viking Age. She is one of the hosts of the podcast ‘Gone Medieval’ from History Hit and frequently contributes to TV and radio programmes as a presenter and expert contributor.  

Dr Janina Ramirez (2:00 pm GMT)
Dr Janina Ramirez (2:00 pm GMT)

Finding Women Then; Empowering Women Now

This talk will introduce some of the fascinating discoveries Dr Ramirez has made in writing her latest book Femina – not due out until July! The talk will paint a version of the medieval period at odds with our assumptions, one that is diverse, multi-cultural, challenges traditions and norms, and fascilitated extraordinary achievements by women.

Bio: Dr Janina Ramirez is an Oxford University lecturer and specialist in Early Medieval cultural history. She has written and presented many documentaries for the BBC and written books for adults and children. Her book Goddess was released in February, and Femina is available for pre-order.

Dr Saul David  (2:30 pm GMT)
Dr Saul David (2:30 pm GMT)

'SBS: Silent Warriors', the formation and early missions of the Special Boat Service in World War II.

A talk on the formation and early missions of the Special Boat Service in World War II.

Bio: Saul David is a historian and broadcaster. His many books include Zulu, Victoria’s Wars, Crucible of Hell and, most recently, the Sunday Times bestselling SBS: Silent Warriors.

Katherine Carter (2:45 pm GMT)
Katherine Carter (2:45 pm GMT)

Churchill at Chartwell

Chartwell was the home of Sir Winston Churchill and his family from 1924 until his death in 1965. Katherine Carter, Chartwell’s Curator, will give a snapshot of the Churchills’ lives at Chartwell and sharing with viewers how a house on a hillside in Kent became the most important country house in Europe.

Bio: Katherine Carter (MA, MRHistS, FRSA) is the Property Curator at Chartwell, the former home of Sir Winston Churchill. She is an internationally sought-after expert on Churchill’s political career as well as his private life. She appears frequently in print and broadcast media including Netflix, Channel 5, Skyarts, and BBC2.

Dr. Kirsteen Mackenzie (3:00 pm GMT)
Dr. Kirsteen Mackenzie (3:00 pm GMT)

Mythbusting the Jacobites

This talk will explore common myths and misconceptions surrounding the Jacobites and the 1745 rebellion. It will challenge the romantic image of Bonnie Prince Charlie and those who fought for his cause.

Bio: Dr Kirsteen M MacKenzie is a historian and broadcaster specialising in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms 1638-1660 and Jacobitism c.1688-1788. Her monograph on the Solemn League and Covenant and the Three Kingdoms c.1643-1663 was published by Routledge in 2017. Dr MacKenzie has presented many papers in the UK and Ireland including at NTS Culloden and has featured on BBC Radio 4 and STV’s ‘The People’s History Show’. 

Annette Burke Lyttle  (3:30 pm GMT)
Annette Burke Lyttle (3:30 pm GMT)

Finding American Quaker Records

Bio: Annette Burke Lyttle speaks on a variety of genealogical topics and loves helping people uncover and share their family stories. She is an instructor at U.S. genealogy institutes, president of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and editor of The Florida Genealogist.

Dr Miranda Kaufmann  (3:45 pm GMT)
Dr Miranda Kaufmann (3:45 pm GMT)

The story of Edward Swarthye, a Black Tudor

Dr Miranda Kaufmann tells the intriguing story of Edward Swarthye, an African porter who whipped a fellow servant at their employer’s Gloucestershire manor house in 1596, one of over 200 Africans living in Tudor England. What does his life tell us about their experiences? Host importantly: were they free?

Bio: Dr Miranda Kaufmann is a British historian, the author of Black Tudors: The Untold Story (2017), and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, where she co-convenes the ‘What’s Happening in Black British History?’ workshop series. She is currently working on her second book, Heiresses: The Caribbean Marriage Trade; and taking her work into schools with her Teaching Black Tudors project, and to the world with her free online Black Tudors course with FutureLearn.

Sarah Wise  (4:00 pm GMT)
Sarah Wise (4:00 pm GMT)

Streets Coloured Black and Blue: Charles Booth’s Notebooks and the Revelation of London Poverty

The notebooks that social investigator Charles Booth and his assistants kept of their explorations of late-Victorian London poverty provide modern researchers unparalleled detail and colour.

Bio: Sarah Wise is a visiting professor at the University of California’s London Study Center and also teaches adult education courses on Charles Booth’s Life and Labour survey. The author on three books of 19th century social history, she is currently working on a book about eugenics, to be published by Oneworld Publishing in spring 2023. 

Dr Catherine Flinn  (4:30 pm GMT)
Dr Catherine Flinn (4:30 pm GMT)

Urban Trauma & Recovery

Bio: Dr Flinn studied architecture and landscapes, before returning to academia for an MA & PhD in history. Her focus is on war and recovery, particularly in Britain but with comparisons to Europe and Japan as well. Her monograph, Rebuilding Britain’s Blitzed Cities: Hopeful Dreams, Stark Realities, was published by Bloomsbury and is available in paperback. Dr Flinn is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and has taught at several US and UK universities.

Dr Blaine Bettinger  (5:00 pm GMT)
Dr Blaine Bettinger (5:00 pm GMT)

DNA?? I'm so Lost!

Using DNA shouldn’t be scary or intimidating! Whether using DNA to explore ethnicity or solve a decades-long brick wall, it should be fun and interesting!

Bio: Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D., is a professional genealogist specializing in DNA evidence. He is the author of the long-running blog The Genetic Genealogist, and frequently gives presentations and webinars to educate others about the use of DNA to explore their ancestry.

Dr Julia Laite  (5:30 pm GMT)
Dr Julia Laite (5:30 pm GMT)

Trafficking in Times of Conflict


Bio: Julia Laite is a lecturer in British History at Birkbeck, University of London and the author of The Disappearance of Lydia Harvey.

Rebecca Rideal  (6:00 pm GMT)
Rebecca Rideal (6:00 pm GMT)

Killer Women: A Brief History of Women Who Kill

Lady Macbeth. Elizabeth Bathory. Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Villanelle. Whether fictional or real, society has a peculiar obsession with women who kill, and it is an obsession with a rich history. This short talk gives a brief history of how murderous women have been represented in Britain from the 16th century to now.

Bio: Rebecca Rideal is a historian, TV and podcast producer, founder of HistFest, and author of 1666: Plague, War and Hellfire.

Nick Barratt  (6:30 pm GMT)
Nick Barratt (6:30 pm GMT)

The seige of Saucy Castle

Medieval conflicts that highlight the suffering of civilians caught up in the territorial struggles of their leaders the siege of Chateau Gaillard 1203-1204

Bio: Dr. Nick Barratt is an author, broadcaster, and historian best known for his work on BBC’s “Who Do You Think You Are?”.

Dr Vadim Aristov   (7:00 pm GMT)
Dr Vadim Aristov (7:00 pm GMT)

Russian Historical Myths About Kyivan Rus

The presentation summarizes the most important Russian historical myths about Kyivan Rus which are exploited in propaganda. It demonstrates how and why these myths distort the reality and contradict the medieval sources.

Bio: Dr Vadim Aristov is a senior lecturere of the Department of History, the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla academy” in Kyiv. His research fields are the History of Ukraine and Medieval History of Eastern Europe.

Dr Gabrielle Storey  (7:30 pm GMT)
Dr Gabrielle Storey (7:30 pm GMT)

Ruling Sexualities: A History of the 'Other' in Royal Families

Bio: Dr Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Storey is a historian and author  of Angevin queenship, gender, and sexuality. She is currently writing a biography of Berengaria of Navarre, queen of England, has appeared on several podcasts including BBC’s ‘You’re Dead To Me’, and is the founder of Team Queens

Speakers appearing Saturday, 26 March  8 pm – 12 am, GMT

Professor Suzannah Lipscomb  (8:00 pm GMT)
Professor Suzannah Lipscomb (8:00 pm GMT)

How Can We Reocver The Lost Lives of Women

They were ordinary women. How can we reclaim them from historical oblivion? In this talk, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb explores some of the methods that we need to deploy to retrieve women’s voices from the archives, and considers how we might have to rethink the parameters of the historical discipline altogether if we really want the stories we tell about the past to represent all of society.

Bio: Suzannah Lipscomb is Emeritus Professor at the University of Roehampton, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and a columnist for History Today. Suzannah is well-known as a broadcast historian, having written and presented numerous documentary series, including Walking Tudor EnglandLondon: 2000 Years of History, Elizabeth I, The Great Fire of London, and Witches: A Century of Murder for Channel 5. All were broadcast in the US on Netflix.

Cat Irving  (8:30 pm GMT)
Cat Irving (8:30 pm GMT)

Surgery Hall

Tales of successes and failures in early 19thC surgery illustrated from surgeons’ hall’s collections.

Bio: Cat Irving has been the Human Remains Conservator for Surgeons’ Hall since 2015 and has been caring for anatomical and pathological museum collections for nearly twenty years. After a degree in Anatomical Science she began removing brains and sewing up bodies at the Edinburgh City Mortuary. Following training in the care of wet tissue collections at the Royal College of Surgeons of England she worked with the preparations of William Hunter at the Hunterian Museum at Glasgow University. Cat is a licensed anatomist, and gives regular talks on anatomy and medical history.

Dr Caroline Dodds Pennock  (9:00 pm GMT)
Dr Caroline Dodds Pennock (9:00 pm GMT)

Indigenous American Discovery of Europe

Bio: Dr Caroline Dodds Pennock is Senior Lecturer in International History at the University of Sheffield. She is the UK’s only Aztec historian, and her forthcoming book On Savage Shores: The Indigenous American Discovery of Europe – a groundbreaking history of how Native peoples from the Americas travelled to Europe after 1492 – will be published in January 2023.

Professor Kate Williams   (9:30 pm GMT)
Professor Kate Williams (9:30 pm GMT)

Mary Queen of Scots

Bio: Kate Williams is a lecturer, CNN’s royal historian, regularly appears on both American and British networks and the New York Times bestselling author of three biographies and one novel.

Dr Kate Lister  (10:00 pm GMT)
Dr Kate Lister (10:00 pm GMT)

Victorian Vibrators

Bio: Dr Kate Lister is a historian of sexuality and author of A Curious History of Sex, and Harlots, Whores, and Hackabouts: A History of Sex for Sale. She is a university lecturer, columnist, and runs the @WhoresofYore Twitter account.

Dr Nicola Tallis  (10:30 pm GMT)
Dr Nicola Tallis (10:30 pm GMT)

Crown of Blood: The Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane Grey

An introduction to the life and dramatic story of England’s shortest reigning monarch

Bio: Dr Nicola Tallis is a historian specialising in the Tudor period, with a special interest in Tudor jewellery. She is the author of three books, including Crown of Blood and Uncrowned Queen .

D. Joshua Taylor  (11 pm GMT)
D. Joshua Taylor (11 pm GMT)

The Power of Family History: Why Studying Your Past Matters Worldwide

Bio: Joshua Taylor is a genealogist, President of the New York Genealogy and Biography Society, Host of The Genealogy Road Show (PBS)

Jen Baldwin  (11:30 pm GMT)
Jen Baldwin (11:30 pm GMT)

Ethnic Organizations in the US: Preserving our Ancestor’s Heritage in the New World

This talk features the Ukrainian Fraternal Association and the Ukrainian National Women’s League

Bio: Jen Baldwin has been working in the realm of professional genealogy since 2010 and is the Research Specialist and North American Content Manager for Findmypast. Jen lectures, writes, and consults on a variety of genealogy related topics. She is excited to discover unique resources that allow for a different perspective in genealogical research.

Speakers appearing Sunday, 27  March  12 am – 8 am, GMT/BST

Judy G. Russell  (12:00 am GMT)
Judy G. Russell (12:00 am GMT)

The Rest of the Story

The very best of genealogy is when we go beyond the record to tell the rest of the story.

Bio: Judy G. Russell, The Legal Genealogist®, is a genealogist with a law degree who provides expert guidance through the murky territory where law and family history intersect. An internationally-known lecturer and award-winning writer, she holds credentials as a Certified Genealogist® and Certified Genealogical Lecturer℠ from the Board for Certification of Genealogists®. Her blog is at https://www.legalgenealogist.com.

Cheri Hudson Passey  (12:30 am GMT)
Cheri Hudson Passey (12:30 am GMT)

Where in the World? How to Tackle a New to You Research Location

Finding an ancestor lived in a place where we have never researched can leave us feeling clueless as to where to begin. Learn methods and strategies for understanding the records, history, and best practices for tackling that new-to-you research location. 

Bio: Cheri Hudson Passey is a Professional Genealogist, Instructor, Writer, Speaker, and the owner of Carolina Girl Genealogy, LLC. She’s the host of the YouTube genealogy chat show GenFriends and a genealogical researcher for US Army Past Conflict Repatriations.

Michelle Chubenko   (02:00 am BST)
Michelle Chubenko (02:00 am BST)

Digital Genealogy in Ukraine

Learn about the “top-five” websites for research in Galicia, Volhynia, Inter-War Poland or today’s Ukraine.

Bio: Michelle Tucker Chubenko is a Co-Coordinator, Nashi Predky Family History Group of the Ukrainian History & Education Center (NJ/USA).

Fiona Brooker  (02:30 am BST)
Fiona Brooker (02:30 am BST)

With a Grain of Salt: (Dis)Proving Family Stories

Fiona Brooker looks at family stories and the need to take them with a grain of salt.

Bio: Fiona Brooker is Chief Memory Officer and Genealogist at Memories in Time, Co-host of Talking Family History, Past President of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists

Helen Good  (03:00 am BST)
Helen Good (03:00 am BST)

The Globe Theatre and Star Chamber

There is a well known story that a mob of riotous and probably drunken poets and actors dismantled a theatre in Holywell in Middlesex in 1603 and carried the timbers over the river Thames and with them built the Globe Theatre on the South Bank. We only know about it because it ended up in the courts, and from the court records the facts are a little different. There is also a surprise cameo by a famous author (not Shakespeare).

Bio: Helen Good is the director (unpaid) of the (unfunded) Elizabethan Star Chamber Project which is generously hosted by the University of Houston Anglo-American Legal Tradition project. She is a contributing member of the Beyond Shakespeare Company.

Amy Johnson Crow  (03:30 am BST)
Amy Johnson Crow (03:30 am BST)

Finding Ancestors without Going in Circles: The WANDER Research Method

Making discoveries in your genealogy is more than a matter of finding more and more records. See how the WANDER research method can get you on the path to discovering more of your family history.

Bio: Amy Johnson Crow is the founder and lead educator at Generations Connection, host of the popular Generations Café podcast, and the creator of the #52Ancestors writing challenge. She is the author of 31 Days to Better Genealogy, as well as more than 40 articles in various genealogical publications. Find more genealogy tips at AmyJohnsonCrow.com.

Maureen Taylor  (04:00 am BST)
Maureen Taylor (04:00 am BST)

Photos of Immigration

Bio: Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective® helps clients all over the world solve photo mysteries. Her pioneering work in historic photo research has earned her the title “the nation’s foremost historical photo detective” by The Wall Street Journal and appearances on The View, The Today Show, Pawn Stars, and others. Join Maureen’s weekly podcast, The Photo Detective as she discusses how historical photos fit into your family history.

Dr Jayne Persian  (04:30 am BST)
Dr Jayne Persian (04:30 am BST)

A Ukrainian Family History: War and Resettlement

This talk is based on Dr Persian’s husband’s Ukrainian family history which she has incorporated into academic work on post-war displaced persons.

Bio: Jayne Persian is a historian predominantly of Central and Eastern Europe displaced persons, many of whom migrated to Australia in the post-war period.  She is the author of Beautiful Balts: From Displaced Persons to New Australians (Sydney: NewSouth Publishing, 2017).

Kelly Cornwell  (05:00 am BST)
Kelly Cornwell (05:00 am BST)

Transportation to Tasmania

​The escapades of a young girl from Shoreditch, convicted and transported to Tasmania. Kelly Cornwell tells the tale of her 5x Great Aunt, and the genealogical records she used to uncover her story.

Bio: Kelly Cornwell is a Professional Genealogist, Speaker and Blogger, based on the border of Suffolk/Essex in England. Her website is www.WhoAmIFamilyTreeResearch.co.uk

Margaret Roberts  (05:30 am BST)
Margaret Roberts (05:30 am BST)

Lottie Dod, the world's first female sporting superstar

Charlotte “Lottie” Dod, a multi-sport English athlete is still the youngest ever winner of the Ladies Wimbledon title.

Bio: Margaret is an academic author, experienced researcher and genealogist who specialises in Sports History. Her recent publications include a book on Victorian swimming communities  and papers on both women’s football and teacher training. Margaret is the Editor of Britain’s only online Sport and Leisure History magazine Playing Pasts and she is Publicity and Social Media Officer for the Family History Society of Cheshire.

Helen Shields  (06:00 am BST)
Helen Shields (06:00 am BST)

Auntie Kate talks about her life and photo album

Bio: ​Helen Shields an amateur genealogist with a One-Place Study of Sticklepath, a village in Devon, South West England.  She is bringing her alter ego Auntie Kate, actually Great Grand Aunt Kezia Ching (1860-1933), to talk about her life.

Rachel Croucher  (06:30 BST)
Rachel Croucher (06:30 BST)

German Ancestry

Historical border changes in Europe affect German family history research today and identifying the regional identity of forebears is the key to unlocking German ancestry. Learn where different parish and civil records are typically kept and how best to locate them.

Bio: Rachel M. Croucher is a genealogist and German translator. She’s the Vice President of the Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents, Secretary of the Victorian Association of Family History Organisations, and Director at Origins Research Network.

Professor Elaine Chalus  (07:00 am BST)
Professor Elaine Chalus (07:00 am BST)

Ukraine and Canada

The granddaughter of Ukrainian immigrants, Elaine Chalus grew up in northern Alberta on the farm that they homesteaded and is currently farmed by her brother and his wife.

Bio:  Elaine Chalus (FRHistS), a descendant of Ukrainian immigrants, is Professor of British History at the University of Liverpool. An expert on gender and 18th  century English political culture, Elaine’s numerous publications recover women’s political activities at a period long before suffrage. Her current research interests are in sociability and politics, 18th century English electoral culture, 18th  century British cosmopolitanism and the history of loneliness

Professor Tanya Evans  (07:30 am BST)
Professor Tanya Evans (07:30 am BST)

Importance of Family History in Australia

Bio: Author and professor Tanya Evans is public historian who specializes in the history of the family, motherhood and poverty. She’s an Associate Professor in the Department of History and Archaeology at Macquairie University in Sydney, Australia. 

Sunday, 27  March:  8 am – 12 pm BST

We hope this segment will also be available on YouTube soon. You can also watch via our Catch-up page

Shauna Hicks (08:00 am BST)
Shauna Hicks (08:00 am BST)

A Look at Ukrainian People in Australia

Bio: Shauna Hicks has been tracing her own family history since 1977 and for over 35 years in Australian libraries and archives. She has tertiary qualifications from Queensland universities including a Master of Arts in Australian Studies, a Graduate Diploma in Library Science, and a Diploma in Family Historical Studies from the Society of Australian Genealogists. 

Dave Annal  (08:30 am BST)
Dave Annal (08:30 am BST)

Fact From Fiction: What the great 19th century novels can tell us about our ancestors

Bio: Dave Annal is a professional family historian with more than 40 years experience as a researcher. This talk brings together two of greatest passions: genealogy and the works of the great 19th century novelists.

Michelle Patient  (09:00 am BST)
Michelle Patient (09:00 am BST)

A Stitch Through Time

Michelle Patient shares historic and family history elements from the story of one woman’s journey to understand, preserve, and share the history, traditions and stories surrounding Ukrainian whitework embroidery

Bio: Michelle Patient is an Australian genealogist and DNA specialist. She is a co-host of Talking Family History, Past President of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists, and DNA consultant for the Australian SBS TV series “Every Family Has A Secret”.

Professor Deborah Sugg Ryan  (09:30 am BST)
Professor Deborah Sugg Ryan (09:30 am BST)

Feeding Minds as Well as Bodies: The Design of Communal 'British Restaurants' in World War 2.

In World War 2 in Britain ‘communal feeding centres’ or ‘community kitchens’ were created by to assist people who had been bombed out of their homes or needed to take their lunch time meal outside their home and did not have access to a workplace canteen. This talk considers how the British Restaurant became a brand associated with the idea of a good meal through the Ministry’s directives on design and its ‘brightening’ policy.

Bio: Deborah Sugg Ryan is Professor of Design History and Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth. Her most recent book is Ideal Homes: Uncovering the History and Design of the Interwar House (Manchester University Press, 2020) and she is currently writing a history of the kitchen. Her media credits include BBC Two’s A House Through Time and BBC Radio 4’s Trading Spaces.

Nathen Amin  (10:00 am BST)
Nathen Amin (10:00 am BST)

Princes in the Tower Mystery


Bio: Nathen Amin is an author and researcher from Carmarthenshire, West Wales, who focuses on the 15th Century and the reign of Henry VII. His books include The House of Beaufort, Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders, and The Son of Prophecy: The Welsh Tudors.

Dr. Kate Strasdin  (10:15 am BST)
Dr. Kate Strasdin (10:15 am BST)

Lost Voices

Finding the Dress Diary of Anne Sykes.

Helen Carr  (10:30 am BST)
Helen Carr (10:30 am BST)

John of Gaunt: The Red Prince

A brief history of the famous medieval prince, soldier and magnate, John of Gaunt, based on Helen’s bestselling book The Red Prince. This talk will unpack John of Gaunt’s life, loves and key motivations during the turbulent fourteenth century.

Bio: Helen Carr is a medieval historian, writer and documentary producer. She is the author of the Times and Sunday Times bestselling book The Red Prince and co-editor of What is History,Now?

  Else Churchill  (10:45 am BST)
Else Churchill (10:45 am BST)

20th Century Genealogy Research in England and Wales

This talk will illustrate how to research the lives of individual ordinary families that were born and lived in the most tumultuous and extraordinary century.f

Bio: Else Churchill is the Genealogist at the Society of Genealogists in London, the UK’s oldest and largest family history society, where she oversees the Society’s outreach and education programmes. This year Else celebrates 40 years working in the genealogical community as a researcher and educator.

Dr Wanda Wyporska  (11:00 am BST)
Dr Wanda Wyporska (11:00 am BST)

Dancing with the Devil: Tales from Polish witchcraft trials

Discover the stories of the men and women who were accused of witchcraft and how those accusations changed over three centuries. In a whirlwind tour, you’ll come away questioning many of the stereotypes associated with the witchcraft persecution.

Bio: Dr Wanda Wyporska is Chief Executive of the Society of Genealogists, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and author of the short-listed Book Witchcraft in Early Modern Poland 1500-1800. She was a judge of the recent 100 Great Black Britons and the Penn Hessell-Tiltman prize in history.

Tracy Borman  (11:30 am BST)
Tracy Borman (11:30 am BST)

Crown & Sceptre: 1,000 Years of Kings and Queens

Bio: Tracy Borman is England’s joint Chief Curator of Historic Royal Palaces and Chief Executive of the Heritage Education Trust. She is the author of many highly acclaimed books, including Crown & Sceptre: A New History of the British Monarchy, William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II.

‘Photo credit Lorentz Gullsachsen

Dr Caroline Shenton  (12:00 pm BST)
Dr Caroline Shenton (12:00 pm BST)

National Treasures: Saving the Nation's Art in World War II.

Bio: Dr Caroline Shenton is the former Director of the Parliamentary Archives and her first book, The Day Parliament Burned Down, won the Political Book of the Year Award in 2013. In 2017 she was Political Writer in Residence at Gladstone’s Library, and her third book, National Treasures, Saving the Nation’s Art in World War Two was published last November.

Dr Fern Riddell  (12:30 pm BST)
Dr Fern Riddell (12:30 pm BST)

It's A Bit Queer Here: LGBTQA + History


Bio: Dr Fern Riddell is a cultural historian, and an expert in sex, suffrage and entertainment in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. She is a popular televison host and consultant. 


Simon Radchenko  (1:00 pm BST)
Simon Radchenko (1:00 pm BST)

Lessons taken from pre-Historic art of Ukraine

Kamyana Mohyla (stone grave) is the largest rock art complex in Ukraine and a remarkable archaeological site. Due to its location, it reveals a fascinating hidden history of both Europe and Asia.

We can view it almost as a graphic novel, and the lessons learned from it are as relevant today as they were millennia ago. The site deserves to be studied and appreciated in depth, especially as it’s now an endangered monument.

Bio: Simon Radchenko is a scholar from Kyiv, Ukraine. His research mainly focuses on the pre-Historic art of Ukraine, contemporary literature and philosophy. He is dealing with the application of digital technologies and the advances of the modern humanities to Ukrainian cultural heritage.




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Paul Bradshaw

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A special thanks to all those that have helped to spread the word, especially The National Archives, Royal Historical Society, and Society of Genealogists.


Thank you to our hosts

Natalie Pithers

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A tremendous thank you goes out to all of our generous speakers!

Thank you to everyone who has promoted the event and helped spread the word.

And a special thank you to everyone who has donated and watched.




Mission Statement

History for Ukraine stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine against Putin's invasion of their country.

The mindless destruction of lives, homes, freedoms, and the cultural vandalism undertaken in this unprovoked act of aggression being carried out by the Russian government and army is unforgivable.

The misuse and distortion of history by Russian propaganda is a gross injustice to the unique history of Ukraine. Similarly, the closure of free press and speech by the Russian government is an assault on its own people. Both the erasure of Ukrainian heritage and the censorship of those that object to it, is an affront to all that we as historians stand for.

This event allows us to share our expertise on a range of historical subject matter. We do so in support of Ukrainian history and all those who work toward the better understanding of Ukraine’s past, present, and future.

Through historical study, analysis and distribution, thoughtful inclusivity and integrity can be amplified in a complex world. Working together and mobilising our intellectual and professional networks for this event will foster discussion and show the best of our global discipline in all its forms. We call on everyone to join us in enjoying the history we are providing, and to give generously for the Ukrainian people devastated by this senseless war.