Mission Statement

History for Ukraine stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine against Putin's invasion of their country.

The mindless destruction of lives, homes, freedoms, and the cultural vandalism undertaken in this unprovoked act of aggression being carried out by the Russian government and army is unforgivable.

The misuse and distortion of history by Russian propaganda is a gross injustice to the unique history of Ukraine. Similarly, the closure of free press and speech by the Russian government is an assault on its own people. Both the erasure of Ukrainian heritage and the censorship of those that object to it, is an affront to all that we as historians stand for.

This event allows us to share our expertise on a range of historical subject matter. We do so in support of Ukrainian history and all those who work toward the better understanding of Ukraine’s past, present, and future.

Through historical study, analysis and distribution, thoughtful inclusivity and integrity can be amplified in a complex world. Working together and mobilising our intellectual and professional networks for this event will foster discussion and show the best of our global discipline in all its forms. We call on everyone to join us in enjoying the history we are providing, and to give generously for the Ukrainian people devastated by this senseless war.